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Welcome to the art and literary website of GLaxArts!  Gaudys Laxury has a passion for blending and synthesizing various elements to create something unique and captivating. In her paintings, Gaudys explores the realm of abstract art, crafting surreal images that merge imaginative and electrical forces with non-representational brush strokes. Through this expressionist approach, Gaudys aims to present an art oeuvre that encompasses a range of subliminal entities, reflecting her insights and observations.


Her written works, including “The Pearl Inside the Orchid” and “Los Chorritos de Valeria,” intend to inspire and evoke emotions. These writings are crafted with the purpose of engaging readers and provoking thought.

As part of her evolving consulting project, Gaudys combines a fusion of skills, ideas, and projections to provide effective solutions that catalyze change and yield results for organizations, institutions, and businesses.


The arts, in all their forms, serve as a means of expression influenced by culture—a tangible manifestation of the creative impulse. They encompass literature (poetry, novels, and short stories), performing arts (music, dance, and theatre), culinary arts (baking, chocolatiering, and winemaking), media arts (photography and cinematography), visual arts (drawing, painting, and sculpting), and even political art (public affairs, sociopolitical expression, propaganda, and satire), where politics becomes both a fine art and an inexact science.


Art is universal, providing both direct and indirect perspectives on society. It serves as a medium through which humankind’s relationship with the environment can be conveyed. These passions fuel Gaudys’ creative endeavors. Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.

“May I write words more naked than flesh,
stronger than bone, more resilient than
sinew, sensitive than nerve.”

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