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The Pearl inside the Orchid, an anthology of poetry and art, aims to expound deep and meaningful thought through visual art and the literary word as readers examine the visuals in the art pieces, while reflecting on the written word and evoking a range of responses, thoughts and emotions just as vividly as a canvas portrays images—all, little, or none.

When I self-published The Pearl inside the Orchid in 2015, it was a blessing and a release for myself and others. My dream is to inspire others through my words and my art and for the book to become a staple on every bookshelf. I’m so proud of this book, the process, the help of a great supportive and creative team, and the overhaul we have done on it.

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Includes the chapter,  Los Chorritos de Valeria  written by Gaudys Laxury.

Includes the chapter, Los Chorritos de Valeria written by Gaudys Laxury.

Los Chorritos de Valeria, a short-fiction story, was included in the anthology, Peinate- Hair Battles Between Latina Mothers & Daughters edited by La Pluma y La Tina editor, Raquel Penzo. The book includes stories, poems and essays written by various authors about fights, acceptance, insecurities, & identity, and how it shapes those crucial familial bonds.

The inspiration for my short-fiction piece is my strong Latina mother and growing up in the nitty-gritty upper west side at five years of age. My mother taught me to love myself and my curls…to be me…skinny, big eyes, big hair…beautiful me. I hope you get a chance to purchase the book and read all of the inspirational works written by fabulous, strong, powerful writers who also contributed to the making of book.

Peinate- Hair Battles Between Latina Mothers & Daughters is available at:

Read an excerpt from the first page of Los Chorritos de Valeria below:



Associate Producer - Blue Wall: The Series

Blue Wall: The Series is a police procedural that is not the typical cop drama. A mystery and thriller genre, while combining elements of The Shield meets The Usual Suspects. The show is an episodic series with twists, turns, and a huge surprise finale!! Several scenes include three of my artworks as background design: Burst, Waves, and Confusion.