— Pablo Neruda


Why does a painter paint, a writer write, a writer paint, or a painter write? Simply to show what the artist can do and what the artist has done—to value self-reflection in hopes that it will be of some value to others. A painting is created with a foundation of three primary colors, blended together by a brush. A poem is written using twenty-six different, beautiful colors—letters, per se, blended together by the mind. As a canvas can portray images and emotions, poetry can also evoke any scene just as vividly. This anthology of poetry and artwork was collected from an ambivert who most powerfully expresses herself through art and writing. The poems are a manifestation of ideas and art, an infinite expression of thoughts as heard through the mind of the artist—a curious cat and an analytical mind.

To value self-reflection in hopes that it will be of some value to others, The Pearl inside the Orchid, an anthology of poetry and art aims to expound deep and meaningful thought through visual art and the literary word as readers examine the visuals in the art pieces, while reflecting on the written word and evoking a range of responses, thoughts and emotions just as vividly as a canvas portrays images—all, little, or none.


Final Front Cover


When I self-published The Pearl inside the Orchid in 2015, it was a blessing and a release for myself and others. My dream is to inspire others through my words and my art and for the book to become a staple on every bookshelf. I’m so proud of this book, the process, the help of a great supportive and creative team, and the overhaul we have done on it.

I'm so excited for you to get your hands on your very own copy of The Pearl inside the Orchid. I hope you highlight quotes, underline your favorite line, dog ear or bookmark a page, read while relaxing in the bathtub or at a park picnic, or let the words and images inspire you while sailing out on the water.

This will bring me joy!

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