The Tranquil Mountains...

The calming skies of white and gray, brings a breath of fresh air; a tranquility to the soul -- no sound.

Listening to boleros and slow rhythmic sounds, avoiding the cows on the road and holes on the ground; relaxing en route to the tropics and blue waters, brings a feeling of calmness and warmth all around.

The earthy brown soil, an old man tending to his cows, a lonely dog on the hacienda roof, the fresh vegetables and fruits; the feeling of walking bare foot, just take off those boots.

These tranquil skies are high and above, with birds flying free as high above the clouds; no one can hear your thoughts, the best time to scream out loud.

What tranquil skies in front of me; a moment to breath with your own thoughts and be free.

© Copyright 2014 by Gaudys Laxury. All rights reserved.

Empire Skies...

Live your life and do what you want. Listen to your inner self - it does you no wrong. - freedom from all - freedom from the world - freedom from yourself - freedom from impossibilities Open up your heart and feel what is real. One look, one voice, one mind - an infinite impact to others. Be it realism, optimism, pessimism - live your life and listen to your inner self. The empire skies are up and above your reach; and yet close enough to touch. - freedom from doubts - freedom from the conventional - freedom from the norm Live your life beyond the empire skies.

© Copyright 2013 by Gaudys Laxury. All rights reserved.

Rose Quartz

rose_quartz_heartTreasure life and live each moment, as if it were the last;smile one second each day- don't live in the past. Hug and give yourself a pat; live, dance, and be free - don't be a door mat. But if no smiles come out; then try a different route. The route to live day by day and moment to moment; the would, the should, the could - not the couldn't. Aim for your dreams to make it happen, as life could pass you by; avoid the dead ends, the blackouts, and pitfalls - just fly. Life can stop without a moment’s notice, a grandfather clock that standstill; But pause for a second and go, go go - climb up that hill. Don't wrap yourself in four walls without smelling the roses; see life through a rose quartz...aim for positive choices.

© Copyright 2013 by Gaudys Laxury. All rights reserved.

Pursuit of Something...

Don't say...pursuit-of-something4I will call you, when you don't. I will text you, when you won't. I will pass by to see you...just from afar. We’ll talk later...cross my heart. Great things will happen to you...just not with me. I will reach you when I get back...couldn’t get to you, I busted my knee. You're cute...but not sexy. You're amazing...but next please. You're nice...but not bad. You're bad and not nice enough...don’t get mad. You're too tall...I can't see the sky. You're too short...I see that cutie over you passing by. You're complicated...simplicity would be sweeter. You're sweet and simple...complexity is not bitter. You're must be a spy. You're mystery – bye, bye! Today you brighten my day...but tomorrow reality will kick in. You make me feel so much better...yet the feeling is not so genuine. I'm concentrating on my studies...I'm just not into you. I'm focused on my’re just not a part of the long-term view. A contradiction of endless anomalies in the pursuit of something; better to say more or shhh...don’t say nothing.

© Copyright 2013 by Gaudys Laxury. All rights reserved.

Beat of the Night...

The stars beyond the horizon, glow dim throughout the night; but out of darkness lurks the luminescent deep and bright light.

Thoughts come in and out with the beat of every sound; the pouncing, the movement, the thumping...ready to be unwound.

The night is dark, the unconditional shallow halls, and quiet alley ways; but then comes the music, the people, the heart beats, that goes on for days.

Thump, thump, thump....boom da da da da boom; an explosion of lights, sounds, people - it's one of those crazy deep tunes.

Let's go paint that ceiling with rhythmic pleasantry; for it's a night of fun and laughter - the perfect zen and glee.

© Copyright 2012 by Gaudys Laxury. All rights reserved.


Feeling so out of place…out of mind, body and soul; too young to roll in the big leagues, too old to play with dolls. More than a quarter of a century has passed; along with the drama and heartache - an improvisational thespian cast.

The frustration of not moving forward…go, go go! Always feeling like it’s in reverse – it truly blows!

Six months has past, a year, two, three, four...well we get the point; but no one tells you that time flies so fast, no advisement, not even a checkpoint.

No this is not your typical inspirational poetry, but an ode to the cymbaltic; a moment for venting, screaming, shouting and all that dark logic.

Save the hugs, the faith, the prayers as life is at a standstill; nothing seems to be progressing, it’s an unbelievable downhill.

And then there is that ‘to hang out with anyone, just to hangout’ mentality; but when deep down inside you’re yearning for stability.

What is age but an idiotic definition of time; a sublime stupidity, an excuse to contest a long hard climb?

© Copyright 2012 by Gaudys Laxury. All rights reserved.