Politics…aah, the proverbial word to not speak, talk, or mention now-a-days—but this is just getting plain ridiculous. Black, white, yellow, brown—we should all be united. Stop the hatred, stop the hate! The back and forth bantering, the arguing, the ‘I am this because of that and you should follow my ideologies too’…ridiculous. The ‘your skin is a certain color’ so you did this and you did that…ridiculous. The ‘she is a woman so she can’t be president' and ‘he is a business person with no political sense’ and ‘he is an old person who will probably die before the four year ends’...ridiculous. Let’s stop the hate. The back and forth, the protests, the arguing, the nonsense killings…ridiculous. The darkrooms, the alleys, the slashing's, the ‘shit’ being thrown in your face (literally and figuratively)…ridiculous. The taxing, the poor, the helpless…ridiculous. 

Why not utilize the sheer will of the people to force the revolution we want to see happen? If the process is not working with us or for us, than let’s work the process. A ‘write-in vote’ perhaps? 

Neither for donkey or elephant, than write in tiger, lion, or wolf. But let’s move the political process out of those dark rooms and into the limelight, our way in our terms. Let’s stop the ridiculousness and the status quo that seems to refuse to work for the will of the people.

Peace and love for all…because it’s all just plain ridiculous.

© Copyright 2016 by Gaudys Laxury. All rights reserved.