The Tranquil Mountains...

The calming skies of white and gray, brings a breath of fresh air; a tranquility to the soul -- no sound.

Listening to boleros and slow rhythmic sounds, avoiding the cows on the road and holes on the ground; relaxing en route to the tropics and blue waters, brings a feeling of calmness and warmth all around.

The earthy brown soil, an old man tending to his cows, a lonely dog on the hacienda roof, the fresh vegetables and fruits; the feeling of walking bare foot, just take off those boots.

These tranquil skies are high and above, with birds flying free as high above the clouds; no one can hear your thoughts, the best time to scream out loud.

What tranquil skies in front of me; a moment to breath with your own thoughts and be free.

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Empire Skies...

Live your life and do what you want. Listen to your inner self - it does you no wrong. - freedom from all - freedom from the world - freedom from yourself - freedom from impossibilities Open up your heart and feel what is real. One look, one voice, one mind - an infinite impact to others. Be it realism, optimism, pessimism - live your life and listen to your inner self. The empire skies are up and above your reach; and yet close enough to touch. - freedom from doubts - freedom from the conventional - freedom from the norm Live your life beyond the empire skies.

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Beat of the Night...

The stars beyond the horizon, glow dim throughout the night; but out of darkness lurks the luminescent deep and bright light.

Thoughts come in and out with the beat of every sound; the pouncing, the movement, the thumping...ready to be unwound.

The night is dark, the unconditional shallow halls, and quiet alley ways; but then comes the music, the people, the heart beats, that goes on for days.

Thump, thump, thump....boom da da da da boom; an explosion of lights, sounds, people - it's one of those crazy deep tunes.

Let's go paint that ceiling with rhythmic pleasantry; for it's a night of fun and laughter - the perfect zen and glee.

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Un pequeño poema para el año nuevo…

Abriendo la ventana en este enero tan frio,tratando de pensar en grandes metas – hay dios mío. Pensando en amores de todas clase esta vez, y cuando va a pasar—esperamos el siguiente mes.

~ Photo by Gaudys Laxury

~ Photo by Gaudys Laxury

Y si nada el próximo mes pues vemos hasta noviembre, para que vengan los amores en tiempo de fiestas en diciembre. Y con respecto a las metas respiramos profundamente, que se lleguen a cumplir suavecito y alegremente.

Y por si en caso no se cumplen en este año venidero, no se den por vencidos que algún día lo alcancemos.

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