Rose Quartz

rose_quartz_heartTreasure life and live each moment, as if it were the last;smile one second each day- don't live in the past. Hug and give yourself a pat; live, dance, and be free - don't be a door mat. But if no smiles come out; then try a different route. The route to live day by day and moment to moment; the would, the should, the could - not the couldn't. Aim for your dreams to make it happen, as life could pass you by; avoid the dead ends, the blackouts, and pitfalls - just fly. Life can stop without a moment’s notice, a grandfather clock that standstill; But pause for a second and go, go go - climb up that hill. Don't wrap yourself in four walls without smelling the roses; see life through a rose quartz...aim for positive choices.

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