The nerve......

Why is it suddenly appropriate for an old man (a cab driver), with no teeth, having just mentioned that he wants 10 kids to ask a passenger young enough to be his great, great, great grand-child out during an emergency situation? Hmmmm…is it desperation?? Here’s the story---

So the other day, Daisy (who lives in the city) decides to help her friend Barbara, a hysterically nervous and crying pregnant woman, into a car and accompany her in the cab through the tunnel into her home state of New Jersey. Barbara’s pains subsided and by the time they reached the other side of the tunnel, it was non-existent. Barbara asked the chauffer to drive Daisy back to the city as she thought it would be a long and strenuous commute for Daisy to get back into the city later on. Especially since Barbara was feeling better. Although doubtful for a moment, but after Barbara’s persuasion --- who would want to argue with a pregnant woman anyways --- Daisy decided to adhere.

As soon as Barbara was dropped off and not even 10 seconds that the chauffeur started the engine and not having reached the entrance to the tunnel, the old man turns around and asks Daisy, who is half his age, for her number and out to dinner. He mentioned that he was aware of the emergency, but was admired by her nobility at accompanying Barbara into Jersey. Of course having lived possibly two centuries already, he comes out with the, “it’s just friends, going out with friends” line, nothing more.

Oh please, thinks Daisy, a native and street-wise New Yorker…as if she has not already heard that line before. Luckily Daisy literally sees the “light at the end of the tunnel” and quickly tells the chauffer, no to the dinner offer and a quick drop off at the nearest station.

As soon as Daisy is about to get out of the car, the chauffer's last attempt was handing her his business card, telling her to give him a call any time she may need a cab service, with a wink ;)

Great!!! But, Daisy gives nothing more than a half smile, not wanting to make the situation any more awkward and books it out of the car in amazement. Bad timing and wrong century.

Ahhhhh…the lovely New York encounters…..